Two Links Tuesday: Star Wars Reconsidered Edition

Link One: George Lucas’ Big Mistake

Link Two: The Star Wars Saga: Introducing Machete Order

I love Star Wars. A lot. Even the bad movies, like Episode One? Yes, I saw it multiple times on the big screen, then bought it on DVD. And then watched it a few more times. And the ones I actually like I’ve seen even more times.

In spite of all that, I couldn’t agree more with this quote from Link One:

And Yoda, the exemplar of the Jedi philosophy, is wrong about everything.

The reasoning behind that is presented quite well there.

There is a long-running debate among fans regarding viewing order for the saga – should you watch these in order of release, or in order of episode number? Both of these have problems, and Link Two proposes a new viewing order that resolves them quite handily. My wife and I recently went through them in that order, and it’s definitely the way to go. (It leaves Episode 1 out entirely, so that’s a big argument in favor of it right there.)