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Three Thoughts: Relax

1) Wait as long as you can to move, then move as fast as you can, making as small a movement as you can.

2) Be relaxed – tense muscles are slow and unagile.

3) Being able to change directions quickly is more important than pure linear speed.

Two Links Tuesday: Out-of-Date Movie Review Edition

Link One: Why ‘Blue Like Jazz’ Won’t Save Christian Cinema

Link Two: Wouldn’t It Be Cool if Shakespeare Wasn’t Shakespeare?

Link One is a review in The Atlantic of ‘Blue Like Jazz’, and Link Two is a review in the NYT Magazine of ‘Anonymous’. I haven’t seen either of these movies, and while I’d kind of like to see ‘Blue Like Jazz’ (loved the book, but will wait for DVD), I have zero interest in ‘Anonymous’. But I thought both of these reviews were interesting in themselves, and worth reading.

Destreza thrusting forms video

So, here’s a video of me doing a Destreza thrusting form with one of my teachers, Maestro Puck Curtis:

Understand, this is a form, not free-fencing. (It’s a little bit harder for me to hit Puck when it’s not a form.) :) Click here for a description of the form, explaining what is going on here.

And here’s another video, showing Provost Kevin Murakoshi going through the same form with Maestro Curtis: